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Pawsitive Vybe Vloghouse

Edge of the Earth Jam

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Shot on location on Lake Michigan in Grand Haven, MI, Team Clem hooks up with Pawsitive Vybe at the Discdog Bed and Breakfast. Talk about an amazing sunset! Starring: Nadja & Clem Apryl & EZ Ryder Ron Watson & Splitty




Dogs, dogs, dogs... It's all about the dogs.


Pawsitive Vybe is located on 18 acres in Western Michigan, just north of Grand Rapids. Within this sleepy little farmhouse dwells a rabid pack of Frisbeedogs.


The P-Vybe Pack, as seen on Art of K9Disc, are a fun bunch of high energy dogs. If you are not into dogs, this probably isn't the place for you.


Apryl Lea & Ron Watson head up the P-Vybe pack and run the show at Pawsitive Vybe. Dog trainers and professional entertainers, Apryl & Ron spend most of their time working with dogs. Playing disc in the yard, training in the studio, doing a personal lesson, then teaching class; that's about a normal day here.



Not much fun in the Winter, but a total possibility.


A small 'cottage', this one room shelter has power and a nice view.


Often Available


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