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Welcome to Super Happy Vlog House!

Local videoblogging events.  First started in 2007, SHVH continues on!





Choose your SHVH location, or create a new one!


  • Wylie, TX - Now April 21-22 Suggested site topic: and making music videos... Adam Ezra performing!


  • San Francisco, CA - March 31st-April 1st Suggested site topic: make customized CC trailers



  • Ojai, CA - Weekend of Saturday, Feb 7, 2009.  Make a video, spruce up your vlog, take a photowalk, whatever.   It's potluck.


  • Phoenix, AZ - March 31 Suggested site topics: make customized opening title, make customized CC trailers, make a video to kick off Videoblogging Week 2007

    video from the Phoenix event, shot by brand new vlogger Calexi (




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